Hey team, Dai Sempai Andrew and Dai Sempai Patrick here, just want to give you a quick rundown about the upcoming Sparrathon Event that we have going on. It’s going to be really exciting, we’re going to be doing one hour of continuous sparring, just some one minute rounds. So some of this sparring we’re looking for is just that real light contact, fast movements. We got Saul the Hulk coming down, he’ll be signing autographs and we’ll have a sausage and a bit of a video flick afterwards as well, so make sure you come down check it out.

Just want to take you through guys one of my favourite sparring defensive techniques, this is more of a defensive technique. Because you will be sparring for quite a while and can start to get a bit tired, we start to work on some techniques you can use to interrupt that person coming in. As Patrick pushes forward, we’re going to rock back and throw that front leg up. You see it’s not a switch kick, it’s not a shallow kick, all I’m doing is essentially rocking back on the back foot, changing the knee, and then extending those hips as well. Make sure you’re kicking with the ball of the foot and aiming for that sole flexors; it’s going to become a very devastating attack. So again he comes forward, throw it out, and I’m straight back to my stance, which will then allow me to push forward with any sort of moves that you want to do.

Make sure you get down to reception, get your $20 voucher bag as well, there’s lots of goodies in there, I hope to see you guys on the night.