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Mixed Martial Arts has gained a worldwide audience, growing significantly in popularity in the last decade. This rise in popularity has been particularly strong among younger audiences, with may keen to learn the craft of their favourite MMA superstars. However, we have seen a huge rise in people of all ages wanting to get involved, as they understand the benefits and value that MMA training can have on their lives.

Here at the WA Institute of Martial Arts, we are proud to offer some of the most popular beginner and advanced classes in mixed martial arts Perth wide. We welcome hundreds of children, teenagers and adults to our institute every week, gifting them our deep knowledge and expertise to help them protect themselves.

The Best Range of Mixed Martial Arts Classes Perth Wide

As one of the leading MMA gyms Perth wide, we have many MMA and self-defence classes on offer, to suit all ages and abilities. We run classes 7 days a week in all 3 of our locations – Greenwood, Currambine and Myaree – so no matter your day-to-day schedule, we will always have a class to accommodate.

Whatever your motivations for seeking out MMA classes in Perth, you’ll find what you’re looking for at WAIMA. Our current classes include:

Kids Martial Arts

Our Kids martial arts classes cater for children aged 3-13 years old. Children aged 3-5 years join our “Ninja Ru” group, where they are introduced to the world of MMA through fun games and drills, which develop their coordination, balance and motor skills, increase their confidence and develop their fitness.

6-13 year olds have two types of classes available – both freestyle martial arts and Muay Thai kickboxing classes. Our freestyle martial arts classes for children aim to build their knowledge of self-defence skills, providing them not only with a great outlet for exercise, but a means of boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

Our Muay Thai children’s kickboxing classes provides a great avenue for high-cardio fitness for your child, as well stress relief. Their Muay Thai classes will increase their confidence by acquiring critical self-defence skills and they can even engage in competitive competitions if they wish.

Teen Martial Arts

14-17 year olds have dedicated freestyle MMA classes and Muay Thai kickboxing classes available to them. Our freestyle classes are great for helping teenagers become more confident and put them on the right path, providing a great healthy, fitness-based outlet for dealing with their emotion and stress.

Our Muay Thai teen classes equip teenagers with important self-defence skills and can offer a great class for high cardio fitness and strength and fitness training. Teen students also have the opportunity to compete in Muay Thai competitions if they wish.

Adults Martial Arts

Our freestyle MMA classes for adults offer the ideal opportunity to get in a good workout, acquire self-defense skills, build self-discipline, meet new people and have fun all at the same time. It doesn’t matter what your experience is with MMA or what shape you’re in. Here at WAIMA, the self defence Perth experts, we’ll help you get to wherever you want to be.

Our Muay Thai kickboxing programs for adults will improve your physical fitness and strength, enjoy a great outlet for stress, participate in intense training and take your training as far as you want it to go, even competing or taking part in certification programs.

We also offer Krav Maga programs for adults too. Within this program we will teach a wide range of techniques from various martial arts styles while maintaining a strong balance with valuable life skills.

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