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Jun 12

Tactical Krav Maga Basic Self Defense Workshops

Do you know how to defend yourself? The WA Institute of Martial Arts along with SWS Defensive Tactics Studio will be holding a number of Tactical Krav Maga Workshops throughout 2013. Learn realistic personal safety and self protection skills using...

Jun 12

Pizza, Movie and Dress Up Party

WA Institute of Martial Arts Pizza, Movie and Dress up party is sure to be a hit with your kids.  On the 13th July WAIMA will be holding a Pizza,Movie and Dress up party! For all 5-9 year olds we...

Jun 12

WAIMA School Holiday Program

How to keep your kids entertained these school holidays. WA Institute Of Martial Arts School Holiday Program will get them out of the house and into Martial Arts from the 16th – 19th July. Get ready to have fun learning...

Feb 1

Performance Anxiety??

Performance Anxiety?? Performing any exercise, is it just a matter of “Drop and give me 20?” or is there more to exercising? There can be. You can make exercising as easy or as complex as you want it to be....