At WAIMA, we have a brand new martial arts weapon for Black Belt Club : the Sai. This defensive weapon is a great utensil to use. See how Dai Sempai Andrew uses the martial arts weapon Sai with his awesome techniques.

Read Dai Sempai Andrew’s exact words:

Hey guys! Dai Sempai Andrew here. Really excited to talk to you about our brand new Black Belt Club weapon, the Sai. A great utensil to use. It’s really good in this hand position, where I could think about striking and hitting with, doing some really strong blocks, or in that second position as well, where I can get a bit more extension, hitting through on softer areas, and puncturing through. Which is a great weapon to be able to use, typically used against your long-range weapons for pushing in close and getting that range on your opponent.

So now I’m going to give you one of my bonus techniques, which is the thumb roll, essentially just rolling that Sai around the outside of your thumb. To do this move, it’s a little bit complicated, so practice is going to be the key. Or if you’re out doing this, flicking the Sai to the outside, opening my hand, and allowing that scythe to spin around my thumb. The good thing about this, it just adds that little bit of flair to your techniques when you do it. You can work on double thumb rolls, coming into strikes, and finishing from there as well.

So practice hard, team, and I’ll see on Saturdays for Black Belt Club.