We’ve blogged before and mentioned a slight irritation about some aspects of the portrayal of the martial arts on TV and in the movies. Specifically the way that some movies or shows suggest, not very subtly, that practitioners only live for the opportunity to engage in violent mayhem.

However, some of these films are classics and the genre as a whole remains very popular.

What’s behind this?

Any professional Dojo will tell you that many of these films contain lots of fantasy and inaccuracy (we’re not speaking here of fine points of detail but MAJOR inaccuracies!). Some films though, do contain broadly accurate and factual representations of the martial arts.

What almost all such representations share is something that appeals to us all – the idea that there is a right and a wrong. Going further, they also perpetrate the view that given support, right will triumph.

That’s often extended to engage the idea of the individual (or small collections of individuals) standing up and winning against a bigger and more powerful group. That powerful body is often depicted as a gang, a corporate enterprise or perhaps even corrupt government.

Today, many of us can feel powerless and intimidated by the increasingly anti-individual world around us.  We are all vulnerable to feeling that we’re being swept along by forces we can’t control or influence. That generates fear and a lack of personal self-confidence.

One of the reasons martial arts films are so popular is that they frequently show that suitably empowered, the individual can fight back and win against such forces.

In a sense, this is where these films can be correct.  Our training here is about increasing your confidence in your own ability to stand apart from the tide of events around you, thereby helping you to forge your own path through life and to reduce or eliminate your fears that you’re a helpless bystander.

Why not come along and discover how we can help you to find that basic truth about your own inherent capabilities?