It’s that time of year and your children are on extended school holidays.

You’re now expecting the dreaded statement “were bored”. While there are a lot of expensive activities, it is often the simplest ones that are the best.

Why not get creative with martial arts kids activities that they’re already familiar with at WAIMA to beat the school holiday boredom?

Using simple visits to the park or beach and giving the kids’ activities or challenges can occupy their minds and bodies for hours.

Here are 5 great martial arts activities for kids to get you started:

1. Using what they have learned from Martial Arts, set them a challenge (maybe with rewards?) of doing Katas, boxing combinations and kicks.

2. At the beach in the water, see if they can then do a number of kicks without being knocked over. Challenge them to beat their score every time.

3. At the park see if they can kick as high as they can and measure it against a tree or playground equipment.

4. Teaching is the best way to learn, so get them to teach you how to do moves. This will inspire them and give them the feeling that they are teaching you something you might not know.

5. At home get them to demonstrate their martial arts moves to family and friends, especially at BBQs and Christmas get togethers’.

Too hot to go outside? Keep it simple, teach the kids how to bake a cake, not the packet stuff, from scratch, maybe even a delicious chocolate cake.

And if all else fails, here are a 100 more school holiday activity ideas to keep them busy.

For more than 100 tips to keep the little one occupied visit .

Have any school activity ideas of your own that you’d like to share?

Please do so in the comments below.