In this video, Sempai Terrence and Instructor Elissa will show you an mirror image on how to perform the Iron Horse Kata correctly. Also, they will demonstrate how to use the Kata in defending yourself against an attacker.


Terrence: Hi guys, it’s Sempai Terrence to you from WAIMA Myaree, and today what we’re going to get through is Iron Horse. Not only are we going to get through Iron Horse, but we’re also going to start some of the kata applications.

So myself and Instructor Elissa are going to demonstrate just one side of Iron Horse. Take your stance, prepare, now hunch in, Iron Horse by numbers. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Great.

So today, what we’re going to do is start off, with Elissa, a couple of quick applications. Elissa is going to grab me in the side arm, right here.

Alyssa: Got you.

Terrence: Side arm grab, as we do in our normal classes, I must look to see who it is. So just like the kata, I have a look. From here, I’m going to drop into my horse stance and I’m going to do a hammer fist towards her groin, striking down low. From here, I’m going to go through to my Iron Horse number 2, which is my front elbow striking up. From here, I step back, feet together, my elbow’s going to come over the top, striking down. And here in my last part, I’m going to step back, striking for number 4 and finishing off.

Let’s look at that from the other side here. Once again, Instructor Elissa has grabbed on. The first thing I do is have a look, dropping into my groin strike. Stepping up with this leg, striking with my elbow. Stepping down, number 3 striking down. Stepping back with my leg again, striking straight to the solar plex.

As you can see, as we’re moving there, I’m striking, the bottom point’s the groin, head, solar plex, getting rid of my opponent. Cool?

So one more time, Elissa’s going to grab on this side. Look, drop and strike. Step up with this leg into my bear stance, striking the elbow. Stepping back, feet together, elbow over the top for number 3. And finishing off with number 4. Fantastic.

So next week, we’ll be moving through some street applications, demonstrating on the street for this same activity. We’ll see you next time.