In the last two weeks, we had Sempai Terrence, Instructor Elissa, and Instructor Justin show you a mirror image on how to perform the Iron Horse Kata correctly and how to use the Kata for self-defence. In this third installment, they will show you the accurate, actual use of the Kata when attacked by a stranger in the streets. Check out their demonstration and stay tuned for next week’s video.


Sempai Terrence: Hey! Hey guys, Sempai Terrence here from WAIMA Myaree. Week three of our Iron Horse demonstration. You saw there instructor Justin came up, gave me a big grab, used my Iron Horse strikes – one, two, three, and four to get rid of my opponent. Okay? Justin’s going to come in again from here, just to remind you of what we were doing. He’s grabbed on here; I’ve looked to see who it is. Obviously he’s yelled at me, he’s got my attention. Dropping, striking him in the groin straightaway. From here, all I did is I stepped up, strike with my elbow. I step back in, elbow over the top, punch him to finish him off. Nice and simple moves. Practicing Iron Horse all the time will help getting in there, get that reaction. We’ll see you next week for our next video. Thank you.