Phil: Good day to you. My name is Phil Britten.

Graham: And I am Graham McDonnell. We are the chief instructors and founders of the International Defensive Solutions, here at WAIMA. Today what we want to do is just quickly go through a few of our fundamental skills and give you a little bit of a background, how we develop these skill sets from the times we traveled.

Now, gone are the days of just the haymaker. Now they’re still out there, they’re still common don’t get me wrong, but unfortunately the threats that come at you nowadays are definitely a little bit more focused on direct shooting. Okay, direct force to the face or the upper body. So we want to work on self-preservation. Now the joy of this technique, it is ambidextrous and non-diagnostic, meaning that the same skill is done no matter what strike comes from where.

So for example, if I’m standing here and for whatever reason I catch a glimpse out of the corner of my eye that Phil may be threatening, instead of just blocking up like so which there is a risk of me missing, I’m going to simply cover and what I’m looking at trying to do is really have that hand closing next to my cheek, protecting the knock out side and to do so, it’s like combing your hair, the point of the elbow strike forward and I really want to look at trying to kiss my bicep. So the first hand comes in, other ones there, and the most important part is what we call a level change. If I do that skill and simply stand tall, I’m not really going to be as effective and deflect a shot. So from there I really need to think about drop and hand up. Now we want to work on continuous forward momentum. That is to make this threat move back to buy some space and time for myself.

So again, slowly, if Phil was to strike, hands are up, I get level change forward movement which gets him moving back and then obviously I can disengage from there if need be. Or another skill set that you hear us talk about is that clearing dive. And it’s very much a two hands like CPR, but most important protect the chin again, head again, really driving forward and push. Now ultimately, that surprise attack is going to be on me real quick. So I need to make sure that I’m getting that forward energy like I told you, continue with the dive and create some space and then obviously stage left, or deal with it how you so choose.

So again slowly, two techniques today. Shield and pike, and the clearing dive that we have. Super slow. Level change drop, hand up, other one on your cheek, drive forward. Once they get that space, two hands, continue to drop, striking and obviously from there guys, we are getting out there and doing what we can. Sweet team but I can’t wait to show you more in our classes at our big school at Greenwood here. And obviously classes are run Wednesdays and Fridays, so come on down. It’s open for everyone of all ability levels and we can’t wait to see you then.