The front leg sweep takedown is the first of a four part martial arts training video series about Zen Do Kai Takedowns. In this video Dai Sempai Will and Sempai Terrence show you how to takedown bigger and stronger opponents with ease.


Hey guys, Dai Sempai Will here and Sempai Terrence. This month we’re going to be looking at working on some take-downs, and I’m going to be sharing with you some of my top tips, just to get a bit more success with your take-downs, when you’ve got a bigger or a stronger opponent.

So first week’s video, we’re going to be working on our front leg sweep. So if I borrow Sempai Terrence, he’s going to be in his fighting stance. Now what I’m looking to do, making sure I’m coming through on the inside of his guard, my front hand’s coming on the shoulder, other hand on the back of the arm here. I switch my feet and I drive my weight forward. This one’s all about winning the balance, we’re going to make sure my weight’s forward, I hug that arm really tight, other leg comes around. Remember guys, we’re going to be hip-to-hip, belt-to-belt. As I keep that leg up, I’m going to push with my front hand, I’ve got a nice tight control on that arm, I step out nice and wide so I’ve got a good, solid knee ride, from here finishing strike, we can get rid of that arm, and just as always, shuffle back in that fighting stance.

Okay, we’ll show you one more time. Come through the inside, grab on the shoulder, back in the arm, switch my feet, drive my weight forward trying to win that balance, other leg comes around, push my front hand, step out nice and wide, finish, then I’m away.

One more tip, if you’ve got someone a little bit taller, what you can do, if you’re struggling to win that balance, when I come in, from here is I’m going to point my arm, where the head goes, the body will always follow. So you can see here, his head’s already starting to move, which makes the final take-down a lot easier, if you’ve got someone taller.

Alright team, that was the front leg sweep. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you in the next video.