Are you an adult looking for a way to stay active and improve your overall health? Why not enroll in a Martial Arts class? This could be your perfect option. Not only are they physically and mentally stimulating, but the benefits of Martial Arts for adults also include the development and preservation of focus, self-control, self-confidence, social awareness, cooperation, fairness, altruism, and so much more.

Who can reap the incredible benefits of practicing a martial art? People of all ages. Yes, everyone! Martial Arts aren’t beneficial for kids only. While most of us focus on the benefits of martial arts for kids, you’d be amazed to know the benefits of Martial Arts for adults too.

So, take the time to listen to what our adult members have to say about the Martial Arts training at WAIMA.

The adult programmes at WAIMA include the most exciting and beneficial aspects of the Martial Arts. They are designed to improve and maintain a sound body and mind, and increase your abilities at self-defence.

If you are interested to enroll in one of our classes, contact your local WAIMA school at the numbers below:

Greenwood: 9247 4800

Currambine: 9304 2008

Myaree: 9317 2699