Hey everyone, Shihan Graham here. Now, in my last blog to you guys, I talked about our new hyper program that we’ve got. And there’s three words that I want to touch on. Invincible, untouchable, and that warrior spirit. So, how we relate that into our training, I’m going to talk about being invincible today. Now, invincible is not about being superman. If you find that somebody is not liking you or they’re being mean to you. Being invincible is not letting them affect you.

Now, I think you have all heard the saying before, “Sticks and stones break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” Well, what we’re learning to develop is that resilience, that emotional resilience within yourself. So that no matter what comes your way you are invincible to be able to push through and accomplish your goals. From a training perspective, being invincible is, no matter how hard you are being pushed, no matter how much we throw at you, you are still going to break through, you are still going to continue to grow.

Now, these are great skills that we really cover a lot in the classes, and help you to couple those physical skills with that mindset, but again, also relating that to everyday life. Work experiences for the older guys, being at school for those guys who are going through that role, or even that little kids that might do the program.

So, again, that’s my word for today. I’ve got two more I’m going to share with you next time. So don’t forget, get into classes, they are great fun. We had a great workshop recently. So make sure you get active, ask your instructor all about it, even better, get on the floor and start doing it.

Talk to you soon.