In this video, International Defensive Solutions and WAIMA founders, Renshi Phil and Shihan Graham, show some fundamental techniques on how to use the ‘arm drag’ to distance yourself from a close attacker. This might not even be an attack as yet, but a threat with someone waiving their finger in your face for instance which creates tension.

Then again, it could be a straight punch, a push or even a wild swing.

To create that distance you can use the flinch response and then the arm drag.

The major rule in self-defence is to engage only when necessary, as a last resort. The best place to be is either very far away or close if you have control.

The ‘arm drag’ gives you the opportunity to get behind your attacker, restrain him with a choke hold, take him down or make sure you run and get far away.

Watch the video above to see this technique in motion.