Hey everyone, it’s Shihan Graham here, and I just want to say a big welcome back to the year. I know you have all been back training, but now that school has gone back, it is great to see everyone getting back into their routine.

This year is bringing a whole new program that we have tailored for kids, but also the adults, and it’s the Hyper Fight Club. Now, let me just clarify, it’s not ‘fight club’ as you may be thinking. It’s not about standing there trying to fight and hurt people. It’s all about learning fundamentals that really help you to fight for what you believe in, fight for your chance to improve yourself and to be better.

There’s three words that we’re going to be covering in these coming videos that are the essence of what Fight Club is all about, and it’s talking about, being untouchable, be invincible and also having that warrior spirit, too. So, with this sort of stuff, we translate that not only to your physical training but also in your emotional state.

So, I can’t wait to share the explanation behind these three words. This program is now integrated into our Black Belt Club classes, but also, we have some stand alone classes, so check the timetable. Check it out. Have some fun. Talk to you soon.