Ever wanted to test out your skills in a competitive Martial Arts Tournament? This blog will give you an insight into the preparation leading up to a fight.

The WKA fight nights are one of the most common and well known in WA. Run by Justin Boylan and Murray McKechnie they always go off with a bang with some great fighters and an awesome atmosphere throughout the whole night. The 10th of August is set to be another great show with our very own Beccy Kitson and Cameron Armstrong stepping into the ring to take on some tough opponents. The below step by step guide will give you an insight into the training they have been enduring in the lead up to their fights this time around.

8 Weeks Out-
Eight weeks out from the fight you need to be thinking about your nutrition plan. Having a good nutrition plan will help you get fitter, stronger and make you have more energy for your training. You also want to be thinking about Strength and Conditioning and light Cardio training. On top of that you want to be working on different Kicking, Punching and Grappling techniques with your trainer or on the bags. (Remember you can’t always rely on other people for your training)

4 Weeks Out –
The martial arts tournament is getting closer and time defiantly does count in these 4 weeks leading up to the fight. In these next few weeks you need to start focusing on your diet and making sure you are drinking plenty of water. You will also need to be thinking about your strength and conditioning and focusing more on harder sparring and techniques. This is also the time you want to be working on Grappling techniques and moderate cardio. Running and Swimming are a great way to keep that cardio up and build strength.

2 Weeks Out –
This is where training is at its peak. You will be feeling tired, sore and most probably thinking “why am I doing this” This is where training counts the most. You will be focusing more on Hard Pad Rounds, Sparring and Grappling as well as your techniques. Strength and conditioning is still very important especially your core strength. Your diet in the next couple of weeks is very important too, making sure you are eating the right things (especially if you are cutting weight) you don’t want to leave it to the last minute as you will feel weak closer to the fight and you want to avoid that.

Final Week –
This week is where it counts. You will be training hard up until 3 days before the fight. Hard Pads are important, Lighter Sparring and Grappling to avoid injury is also a good idea. You don’t want to stop training otherwise you will lose fitness and some motivation. Weigh in is normally on this week as well, generally the day before fight day! This week will be the most challenging, you will probably be hungry, tired and fed up.

Weigh In Day –
Today is going to be a struggle depending on how much weight you have had to loose. You really need to think about nutrition, what’s going to get you hydrated fast and ready for your fight (Chocolate and Ice Cream isn’t a good choice) Make sure you have got plenty of water and drinks with Electrolytes in it, a good one to have is Cocobella its full of electrolytes and will hydrate you fast. Think about what you eat for dinner so you can be fresh and ready for fight day tomorrow.

Fight Day –
Today is the day! Let’s get ready to do this. You want to be thinking about a healthy breakfast, lots of water and most of all relaxing. Remember no eating 4 hours before your fight (you don’t want to fill full in the ring) Most of all remember to have fun and enjoy every minute of the martial arts fight, you have train hard and this is your time to shine!

Did you get value from these tips? Do you have anything that you do to prepare for a Martial Arts Tournament? Let us know in the comments below 🙂