In 2012 (check out the photo of me as a martial arts robot 😂) I signed up and started my martial arts journey with the new Currambine Dojo. A Highly energised Ninja Ru who was excited to have a white belt, a white Gi. It was the beginning of a new journey that my Mum and Dad started me on.

The journey was fun and friendly and apparently I was cheeky and talkative but through this I have met many people along the way who have come and gone and also stayed on and become close friends with.
The skills I learned along the way have been very rewarding and I’m still learning more and more.
In 2017 I started my Muay Thai journey while still doing Free Style Martial arts, I have my family and my WAIMA family to help me and keep me going on this journey.

During my journey I’ve received numerous recognitions including, Gradee of the day when I graded for my Brown belt and Gradee of the day when I graded for my Black belt as well as receiving the future Sensei belt.
Today I rank as a black belt training for my 1st dan as a junior and recently graded to my green singlet in Muay Thai.
To top of my training I started my leadership training in January this year and am now on my grade 2 level towards becoming an instructor.

Along the way I’ve had days where I haven’t wanted to go to training, because I was tired or I had a bad day at school or because my siblings were annoying me but I have been very grateful to my parents who have helped me every step of the way on my off days because martial arts helped me learn how to cope with situations and focus on other things that were important to me and I also had Sense Will , Sempai Beccy , Sempai Brad, Instructor Luke, Sempai Aidan, Renshi Thomas and all the Currambine instructors as well as those instructors at Greenwood where I have started training once a week to help me get where I am and learn how to deal with different situations. They all motivate me and make training fun.

My mum says there will always be challenges in life but WAIMA is a challenge I like. I challenge you to share your journey with me. If you would like to start your journey call 1300 0WAIMA or email and make sure you mention my name for a special deal.

Noeleen Stone