The very start of my martial arts journey goes way back to February 2013. During my childhood years going into my teenage years I didn’t really do much with my life, during that time I was too afraid to do anything that involved me getting out of the house, I was really shy and timid and occasionally built up some anxiety when overthinking things. One day my mum asked me if I wanted to go watch an old friend of mine grade for their next belt at the WA Institute of Martial Arts (WAIMA) in Currambine, so I agreed and came along. When I walked inside the building and saw everything that was happening and also watching my friend do their grading I told my mum I want to do something like this and I started as soon as I could.

After months and years went by I reached my green belt and received 5 tips on my belt, I was so thrilled and excited at where my journey was at. Unfortunately, around mid-year 2016 I had to end my martial arts journey due to personal reasons and other major commitments I had in my life. At that time, I was so devastated that I had to stop going and felt like I had no purpose anywhere else in my life. But as the years went by I graduated from high school in 2017, I started my career in nursing and have a qualification as an assistant nurse which I will continue at some stage and I’ve also taken on multiple job/volunteer opportunities which I have grown from and appreciate all the experience I have gained over the years. I believe the reason I’ve been able to do all these amazing things in my life is because WAIMA has given me so much confidence, I always believe in myself with anything I put my mind too and I always keep pushing myself no matter what, these are all reminders and experiences I learnt from doing martial arts.

As of 2019 I finally obtained a driver’s license and got myself a part-time job, so now that my life was starting to go my way I told myself that I had some unfinished business with WAIMA and that I have so much more training and potential to unlock within myself. So after many years I agreed to jump back into martial arts and continue from where I last left off and will push myself to one day receive my black belt when that day comes.

The reason I started my journey with WAIMA is because I felt like it was my calling and that I had so much potential to grow from it as a student as well as growing as a person mentally and physically. WAIMA has changed and impacted my life in many ways, for example I am very physically active all the time and always have a great mind set due to all the focus and determination I put into my training. I would personally recommend WAIMA to anyone of all ages because it will make a huge impact in your life and you’ll see a difference during your journey with WAIMA.

So if you would like to start your journey call 1300 OWAIMA or email and make sure you mention my name for a special deal.

So please like and share this post with all your family and friends so they can be aware of this life changing opportunity and be apart of the best family/team ever!

Daniel Mountfort