We are not just about specific martial arts training.

One of our specialist areas involves helping people develop the techniques required for motivational speaking – notably including the self-confidence that requires.

This is a big subject and needs tuition. We can’t do it justice in a brief blog but even so, here are a few top tips if you’re called upon to address a group of people and you need to convince them that what you’re saying is sound.

  1. Keep it brief. Studies show that after about 30 minutes, the attention of your audience might start to wane, even if you’re speaking right on target.
  1. Get your point out – fast. This persuades people to stay with you. Long preambles to “set the scene” and discourses about the background will lose people quickly. Plan to get your key message(s) out in the first 2-3 minutes, even if in highly summarised form.
  1. Don’t read out pre-written text unless it’s absolutely unavoidable. Speaking unscripted is always more convincing and influencing than reading your comments. People will forgive the odd slip or grammatical inelegance in return for apparent spontaneity. Use a few “key point” notes by all means in order to ensure you don’t forget something.
  1. You may want to give the impression of spontaneity but that’s a very different thing to making it all up for the first time as you go along. You need to show that you know your subject and the points you’re making, inside out.
  1. Use facts to support your proposition. Be prepared to say where they come from. Statements such as “..in my opinion..” or “..I suspect that..” are the same as saying “I don’t know”.
  1. Using gentle humour is a good personalising tactic – but be cautious. Humour is very subjective and can cause unintended offence. Don’t overdo it either because if your audience had wanted to go and see a comedian, they would have chosen to do so. You must avoid perceptions of being flippant.

These are a few very basic tips. Why not come along and learn how to ‘do’ motivational speaking with conviction and success?