Regular readers of our blog will know from past comments that we are not entirely enamoured with the way the martial arts are represented on TV and in the movies. In fact, that’s a deliberate understatement!

We’d like to pick out one particular theme of this, why control and self-discipline are critically important when using unarmed combat techniques.

A dangerous lack of realism

One of the things that most concerns professional and responsible Dojos and instructors, is just how physical violence is often totally misrepresented both on TV and in many films.

To be frank, we don’t want to go into a lot of detail on this subject because we find it distasteful.  Suffice it to say that almost daily one sees acts of extensive physical violence perpetrated against characters in various shows, which results in little or only minor physical injury.

That is particularly prevalent when the person on the receiving end of the violence happens to be the hero or heroine.

It is important to be clear that it is perfectly possible to seriously injure or even kill someone by striking them with blows or kicks, particularly when those are delivered to sensitive parts of the body such as the head and with weapons.  The fact that this is regularly portrayed on TV as being something that can be lightly shrugged off and recovered from in a few seconds or minutes, is absolutely appalling.

Our approach to martial arts

We understand the potential of the human body in terms of it being able to act as an instrument of self-defence.

We invest a huge amount of time and effort in training our martial arts students to be proportionate and controlled in the use of their body in simulated, competitive or even real combat situations.  Self-discipline to us is all-important and as part of that, it is necessary to understand not only the potential of our bodies but also their vulnerabilities.  More importantly, we also teach why it is critically important to respect not only our own bodies but those of others we interact with on a daily basis.

Our summary message

No student in our Dojo is left unaware of the realities of life in this area.  The martial arts are at the very opposite end of the scale to violence – and we aim to keep it that way.

We unconditionally condemn the regular, repeated and entirely unrealistic / naïve portrayal of violence on our screens, offered up as “entertainment”. We are doing everything possible to counter those deeply misleading messages through our professional practices and the disciplines we instil into our students.