August 15, 2017

I am just writing to express how happy I am I chose WAIMA to start my son’s martial arts experience.
I decided to take my son to karate after he came home crying one day after being bullied at school, in Pre-Primary (five years old).

My son is a peaceful, gentle child who would never hurt anyone. I was devastated and thought I have to do something about it. Hence joining WAIMA.

My son has now been training at WAIMA for over 6 months and not only really enjoys it, it has been great for his confidence and fitness.

Two weeks ago, my son came home and told me he had been bullied at school. An older child had approached him at recess and was pushing him around.

He told me with confidence and pride that he told him to ‘Back Off, he did not want to fight!’ and the bully walked away.

I was so proud of him, not only for telling me, but for putting his training into action. He too was so proud and it reinforced that he could stand up for himself.

Thanks again for teaching him the skills to stop him from being bullied.