Clare Diable
August 15, 2017

Ever since the day we walked into the Dojo, George has been enthusiastic about attending his Ninja Ru class each week. Not only has he made new friends but he has improved in so many areas of his development. His motor skills have become more defined, his balance, his co-ordination are even better but most of all he has developed a crucial discipline and a genuine respect for others.

He brings home all of his new moves which we love watching him demonstrate but he now always wants to help because it’s good to ‘work together’ and do ‘team work’.

George’s instructor Rebecca is one of a kind, full of respect for the children, she explains things to them in a way that they will understand and she gets good feedback from them all, one day, no doubt, she’ll be a fantastic mum running a very tight ship! All of the instructors do a great job and are very patient, because no two children are the same and they deal with them as individuals.

The monthly ‘star grading’ is a very important date in George’s mind, he tries hard at everything he is asked to do and is always encouraged by his peers.

I can’t recommend WAIMA Currambine enough, it’s good fun and fitness for children, great discipline and it is always teaching them very important skills that will stay with them for life and George loves it, he is very proud of his very first Martial Arts uniform.
Keep up the great work…