The soccer sweep takedown is the third of a four part martial arts training video series about Zen Do Kai Takedowns. In part 1, Dai Sempai Will and Sempai Terrence performed the front leg sweep, and in part 2, the push-pull takedown. In this video, they will demonstrate how to use the soccer sweep takedown to fight your opponents with ease.


Hey guys, Dai Sempai Will and Sempai Terrence back here again from part 3: Getting Success with Our Takedowns. And today we’re gonna be looking at the soccer sweep, a really easy takedown, but for this one it’s very, very important that you get balance right.

So what I’m gonna do if I turn Sempai Terrence’s, side on, let’s say I’ve come out of a grab or whatever. I’m got to make sure I’m behind my partner, my opponent. I’m looking to grab that arm, grab that shoulder. If I just try and just sweep his leg here, he’s got good balance; nothing’s gonna happen. So I’ve gonna make sure I take a little bit of a step back, pull him backwards. As he starts to fall, attack that leg, and he goes down with ease.

Just to show you from behind…coming from behind, grabbing that shoulder, grabbing that arm on the wrist, the key doesn’t really matter there. Pull him over backwards. Remember your back leg’s gonna come from the inside to the outside. He’s gonna be off balance as you let go. Attack, finish, and we’re away.

Watch it. Thanks for watching and good luck practicing your soccer sweep takedown. See you in the next video.