In the previous three videos, Dai Sempai Will and Sempai Terrence performed the front leg sweep, the push-pull takedown, and the soccer sweep. And in this final video, from our four-part martial arts training video series, they demonstrate the sit behind takedown to fight bigger and stronger opponents with ease.


Hey guys, Dai Sempai Will, Sempai Terrence back again, part 4 in our series on Getting a Little Bit More Success With Your Takedowns. In the last three videos we covered: front leg sweep, push-pull, and our soccer sweep, the three basic takedowns you learn right at the beginning of your training. Today we’re going to be working on a little bit more of an advanced takedown, our sit behind.

So we’ll set it up similar to how we set up the soccer sweep. I’m going to be behind my partner to start with. What I’m looking to do is control that arm. Instead of pulling his shoulder back and doing my soccer sweep here, I’m going drive in, nice low horse stance, and I bring my arm across the chest. From here, my knee comes forward, my elbow goes back at the same time. Just for control we like to keep hold of that arm. Turn, and into [inaudible 00:45]. It’s very important you turn with your partner that way. Finish, walk away.

One more time, grabbing that arm, shoulder, coming on too close, getting a nice low horse stance, here, my knee comes forward, my elbow comes back. Keep hold of that arm and turn at the same time. Maintain that control. Finishing strike and I’m away.

Sometimes when you’ve got a stronger or bigger opponent, one thing we talked about in previous videos was, where the head goes the body will always follow. So this time as a variation, come in here nice and low, my arm’s going to come up under the chin. Finish just like we did before.

To show you guys that one just one more time, come in nice and low, get in that good position, arm comes up under the chin, still pushing my knee, follow it through for my finishing strike.

All right team, so that concludes our series on Getting a Little Bit More Success with Your Takedowns when faced with a bigger opponent, Sempai Terrence. Thanks for watching.