Shihan Graham explains what you need to know about a Honbu graduation and why its so important to us at WAIMA. He also invites you to join us on the 2nd of October at Warwick Leisure Centre to share in the excitement and enjoyment of our very first WAIMA Honbu Graduation! 

Good day, guys, it’s Shihan Graham here. Today I’m gonna share with you my experiences and a little bit of a background behind one of the phrases that we’re using a lot, and that is a Honbu. I’ve had plenty of students ask me, “What is a Honbu?” and “What is a Honbu grading?” Now, a Honbu’s…well, I guess, a headquarters. A place of learning. And really its just like the Greenwood dojo is the WAIMA Honbu. What we do have, though, coming up, is a WAIMA Honbu Grading. Now, because of the size of the gradings that we run, we can’t have everybody in this space, it’d just be packed. So we’ve got really exciting news about having our very, very first WAIMA Honbu at Warwick Leisure Centre, where we bring all three schools together and have that great experience of being able to share in the moment of students progressing through from maybe their yellow belt, orange, blue, right up to some of the Dan gradings. It’s a great opportunity for parents, spectators, mums, dads, nanas, and granddads and just general friends to come and witness and be involved.

So the Honbu for me is really like that gathering place. The place where people can get that energy of a community, can really get that enjoyment and also share in that excitement and celebration of people progressing. But again, on a smaller scale, not talking about gradings, Honbu is a place of learning. And as I said, like, that headquarters, that heart of an organization. So for us WAIMA, we’re creating our own, but we also have an opportunity to be part of the Zen Do Kai system. Once every quarter, we come together and do a Honbu grading. And this is separate to WAIMA, but it’s a way that we get the 15 other Zen Do Kai schools here in WA together to share, and really get an opportunity to, you know, not only test your own skills, but get a measure of how you perform against some of the other people at your own level.

So, look, I can’t specify enough the enjoyment we’ll have at the WAIMA Honbu, but if you’re wondering what the phrase is, you’re wondering what it’s all about when we’re talking about it, it really is a…Well, what I consider to be the heart, the headquarters, the place where we all learn, we all grow and develop. So get involved. Stay tuned on social media team. We want to see everybody from the WAIMA family at the very first one to celebrate not only the first Honbu, or the first major graduation but also WAIMA’s eighth birthday. So we’d love to see you there. Feel free to check it out online. Check out the posters that are all around the schools. I can’t wait to share more about this day with you as we go. Catch you soon.

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