Bullying is ongoing physical, emotional or verbal aggression by one or more people against others. It is widespread and often found where children gather, but it is more than just a schoolyard issue. Bullying happens in many different forms. It is doing, saying or acting in a way that hurts someone else or makes them feel bad on purpose.

Bullies generally set their sights on:

· Anyone who’s different – whether that is their looks, weight, accent, clothing or interests. Sometimes even disabilities can make some children an easy target.

· Those who are small or young – and not so able to defend themselves

· Those who will react quickly – popular targets are children who get upset or cry easily

· Kids who are not sporty or are poor performers at school

· Anyone who is socially anxious or struggles with shyness

There is an easy rule to for self defence against bullying, the rule of R.A.D.

Recognise – the danger, who the bully is and where they hang out

Avoid – always do your best to avoid bullies and where they hang out. Avoid getting into verbal conflict if you can

Defend– no matter what happens you are always entitled to defend yourself. Either telling someone or if you have to defend yourself physically.

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