The push-pull takedown is the second of a four part martial arts training video series about Zen Do Kai Takedowns. In part 1, we had a look at how to do the front leg sweep. In this video, Dai Sempai Will and Sempai Terrence show you how to use the push-pull takedown to fight bigger and stronger opponents with ease.


Hey guys, Dai Sempai Will back again for part two in our series on getting success with our takedowns against a bigger or stronger opponent. I’ve got Sempai Terrence helping me out again today. We’re going to be looking at our push-pull takedown.

First of all, I’m going to show you from this angle. What I want to do with my takedown is I want to get in nice and close. The closer I am, the better leverage I’ve got. One arm against the chest, other hand in the small of the back. If I’m out here, it makes it very difficult, it’s all about arm strength, but when I’m in here it’s much more about shoulders and core strength.

Now, what we’re going to do is, we’re just going to turn side on so you guys could see a little bit easier what my hands are doing. Once I’ve come in close, my right arm here is straight across the chest, other hand in the small of the back, and I like to point my fingers down. What I’m going to be looking to doing is apply my hand on the belt, drive my hand 45 degrees downwards to the floor, and my other arm’s going to be going the opposite way. The faster I move those hips, the easier the takedown is going to be. Quick flick, take that head just for control, keep that arm, finishing strike. Just as before, back away with our hands up every single time.

Let’s show you one more time. Move in close, arm across the chest, shoulder to shoulder, other hand in the small of the back, quick flick, drive, head, down, finish, and I’m away.

One more thing you can do, if you’ve got someone that’s resisting your takedown, or they’re a little bit taller or a little bit stronger, when I get to here, I’m actually going to be, (and be careful not to hit the throat, guys), but lift the chin up and then… Again, just like with all our takedowns, wherever the head goes, the body will follow afterwards.

All right guys, thanks for watching. See you next time.