Want to stay fit, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well? Phil Britten, director of the WA Institute of Martial Arts, will share some long-term healthy habits that he uses within his martial arts school and life as well. This is the second part of a four-part series. Check out the first video here.


G’day team, Phil Britten here, Director of the WA Institute of Martial Arts. In this next video, I’m going to share with you how to have a healthy mind. And probably, one of the most important things to improve on. Let me ask you this, have you ever felt stressed, overwhelmed, run down, at boiling point, fed up, had enough? I think we all have. Everyone hits that point in their life where enough’s enough. And the thing is if you don’t have a healthy mindset, well, you’re not going to be able to get through that challenge or over that obstacle.

And that’s what martial arts helps you do. It gives you that release point where you can focus solely on yourself as I mentioned in the previous videos. It gives you a release, not just physically, emotionally and mentally, but spiritually as well. It gives you a place to connect with other people that are feeling and trying to improve the same area of their lives.

Now, the one thing that probably holds most people back in life is a fear. Now, think about this. There are a few fears out there: fear of falling, fear of rejection, fear of failure. There’s a lot of fears out there, but in actual fact, there are only two fears that you were born with: the fear of falling, and the fear of loud noises. Everything else is made up or is learnt as you’ve grown older, and older, and older. So, if these are learned skills of fear that we fear certain things, what are we missing out on in life? Think of all the opportunities or possibilities that you’re leaving to the wayside because of these feelings of fear that you may have.

Now, not everyone fears things, that’s fine. But everybody has some sort of doubts or limiting belief within themselves. And it’s important that we break through these fears, these limiting beliefs, these thoughts that we have so that we can start living the life that we were born to live. Look, I know personally with my history of what I’ve been through. I was a survivor of a terrorist attack, burned to 60% of my body. I’ve had some very, very dark and deep down days. But I’ve also been able to climb my way out. And I attribute all of my success, both in life and in business and in my relationships with my beautiful wife and children, I attribute all my success in life to my martial arts training.

It is something that I’ve always been able to fall back on. And I only realized after surviving a terrorist attack that it wasn’t all about the physical skills, the punching, the kicking. Although that was very beneficial and it was floating my boat then, the actual benefits, the benefits that I didn’t know I was receiving at that time, were all the mental, emotional, and then all the benefits that I was getting internally. And these are the things that we’re trying to unlock in you every single time you come to training. It’s not something that you see like building a muscle. If you do it for three to six months, you see your muscles grow. You don’t see yourself getting faster. Or like flexibility, getting more flexible as time goes on. It’s something that’s happening inside you, and you don’t know you need it until you need it.

And that’s the thing about creating a healthy mind, and that’s what martial arts does. It’s helped me, all the instructors, and thousands of students that we’ve been able to affect in the community. And I really hope that you too can stick with training so that you can also receive the same benefits that we all have. Now, the results that I’m getting may not be the results that you want. But it’s fair to say, if you’re getting a certain amount of results in life and you want more, something has to change. Something has to be done differently. You have to start improving your life in other areas. And we keep talking about it physically, mentally, emotionally. Martial arts ticks the boxes.

So all I ask from you is our loyal students and friends and family members, and followers of our martial arts is that you try your hardest to stick with it. Consistency is key with anything. Creating those habits that we do day in, day out. We train once, twice, three times a week. We improve our lives. We’re doing everything that we can because we know if we’re improving one area of our life, other areas will also improve.

Well, team, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video about improving and getting a more stronger mindset or a healthy mindset. I can’t wait to share with you more topics on getting in habit and trying to keep the goals that you want to in life. Thank you very much. Ciao.