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Nov 19

How To Protect Yourself Against An Armed Attacker

In any self-defence situation, your goal is not to hurt or kill your attacker.  It is to escape a dangerous confrontation and stay alive. But if this isn’t possible, be prepared to fight. In this video, International Defensive Solutions and WAIMA...

Oct 22

IDS Krav Maga Free Workshop

Graham: Good day, guys. I’m Shihan Graham McDonnell. Phil: And I’m Renshi Phil Britten. And for those guys who don’t know, we’re the owners and directors of the WA Institute of Martial Arts. But also for the last ten or...

Sep 8

Women’s Self-Defence Tips that Might Save Lives

Crime is inevitable; it might happen anytime and anywhere. And women aren’t safe from these various crimes every day, so it’s worth to know some women’s self-defence tips that might save lives in the future. Paul: As an employer, we’re required...

Jul 22

Self-Defence Techniques that Might Save Your Life

Join us on the 14th, 15th, 16th of August for the BJMA Winter Camp. It’s an amazing opportunity all over the weekend. Team building, realistic self-defence techniques, carjacking, it’s going to be unbelievable. See you there, guys! Bob Jones Martial...