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Aug 6

WAIMA Getaway

You have a chance to win a WAIMA Getaway to the value of $2500 for you to spend on your dream destination. HOW? Refer someone you know (a friend, relative or colleague) to train at WAIMA. Your referral needs to make...

Jun 17

How Muay Thai Benefits Kids and Families

The good thing about Muay Thai is it can benefit just about anyone. Not only that it teaches self-defence techniques and is a great workout, it also makes a person self-confident and fearless but at the same time, humble and...

Jun 3

Benefits of Martial Arts for Adults

Are you an adult looking for a way to stay active and improve your overall health? Why not enroll in a Martial Arts class? This could be your perfect option. Not only are they physically and mentally stimulating, but the benefits...

May 26

Benefits of Martial Arts for Your Kids

“The martial arts are ultimately self-knowledge. A punch or a kick is not to knock the hell out of the guy in front, but to knock the hell out of your ego, your fear, or your hang-ups.” – Bruce Lee Exactly,...