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May 6

Tips For Sparring Taller Opponents

Sparring against someone taller can be tricky to master. They’ve got the reach with both their arms and legs to keep you at distance, so you will need to get creative to get in on your opponent. In this video,...

Apr 15

DECA: What It Is And How To Apply It When Sparring

In last weeks martial arts training of How To Control Your Martial Arts Opponent Even When Sparring Southpaws, Shihan Graham revealed the name of of the technique being covered in the 4 sparring tips videos, which is called DECA. DECA...

Feb 27

How To Tie Your Karate Belt Step By Step

Does your karate belt always come undone in class or does it drive you mad trying to tie your child’s belt? If yes then this Video is for you! Shihan Graham demonstrates how to tie your karate belt step by...