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Oct 30

Why People Belittle you at Interviews

Modern laws and enlightened HR practices now actively discourage offensive statements at job interviews. Questions relating to race, religion, sexual orientation or gender-based discrimination should all be an absolute “no-no”.  While there are no doubt some transgressions still, it’s hopefully...

Oct 10
interview tips

Job Interviews – Top Tips

In Australia, the job interview can be a quite intimidating prospect. Aussie businesses have a reputation for plain direct speaking and that can catch the unwary off-guard.  It’s also true that there are a number of “faux-pas” that can put...

Sep 20

Martial Arts and Deterrence

As another in our series of comments about self-defence, we’d like to say a few words about situations where you are forced to resort to your martial arts skills. Toleration Whatever techniques you apply and however conciliatory you may be,...

Aug 21

FAQs – Safety in the Dojo

Here we’ll deal with some questions that potential new members ask on the subject of the martial arts and safety when training. Do you have established safety roles in the dojo? It’s hard to stress just how seriously we take...

Aug 2
Corporate Training

Confidence and Self-Assertion at Interviews

At WAIMA, we spend a lot of time building the self-confidence of our adult members through adult martial arts training etc. One area that increased confidence can be put to good use in is the job interview. Here are a...

Jun 28
How to Defuse Aggression

How to Defuse Aggression

How to defuse aggression In one of our previous blogs, we gave some tips on how to spot potentially dangerous situations and avoid them. Unfortunately though, avoidance isn’t always possible.  All of our students are trained in methods to defuse...

Jun 6

Influencing Others by Taking Yourself Seriously

This is another in our occasional series relating to motivational speaking training. Here, we’ll be illustrating the importance of taking yourself seriously when trying to convince others. Self-deprecation Almost every day we see examples of people “putting themselves down”. Sometimes...

May 9

The Media and Martial Arts

Regular readers of our blog will know from past comments that we are not entirely enamoured with the way the martial arts are represented on TV and in the movies. In fact, that’s a deliberate understatement! We’d like to pick...

Apr 9

What is “Smashing Bricks” all About?

It’s very common for new members, particularly some of the younger and more impressionable ones in Martial Arts for Kids classes, to start asking questions about martial arts practitioners smashing bricks and solid wooden planks etc. This is really something...