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Aug 30

Martial Arts Keep My Emotions In Check

When I was younger, my father used to live with us. He had a terrible temper and would rage through the house, often destroying everything as he went. As I got older, I found that I had a temper just...

Aug 25

Martial Arts Has So Much To Offer

After what seemed like a lifetime of bad choices, vices, misguidance and incarceration I had a reality check in January 2018 when my brother committed suicide. I knew that if I didn’t change the path I was travelling I too...

Aug 20

WAIMA has changed my Life in many ways

The very start of my martial arts journey goes way back to February 2013. During my childhood years going into my teenage years I didn’t really do much with my life, during that time I was too afraid to do...

Aug 15

Martial Arts is a Lifestyle Choice

My martial arts journey began as a teenager, obsessed with video games and cheesy action movies starring the likes of Jean Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris and Steven Segal to name just a few. When I turned 18 I went...

Aug 10

K loved being a “Ninja”

I’ve sat down to write this a couple of times, but could never find the right words to share what it means to us to be a part of the WAIMA family. Kade has always been a high energy child,...

Aug 5

WAIMA is a Challenge I Like

In 2012 (check out the photo of me as a martial arts robot 😂) I signed up and started my martial arts journey with the new Currambine Dojo. A Highly energised Ninja Ru who was excited to have a white...

Jul 23

Visual Proof that Our Training Works!

We have lots of case studies to show how effective our training can be in helping you to both lose weight and improve your muscle mass/tone.  Even so, it’s nice to see an example that makes it as far as...

Feb 14
self defence

Attack and Defence in the Martial Arts

The terms “attack”, “defence” and “self-defence” can sometimes cause confusion to novices when discussing the martial arts. As regular readers of our blog will know, we are keen to explore some of the philosophical and spiritual guidance of martial arts...

Feb 7
Avoid Stress

Knowing Yourself – Recognising Stress

Many of us don’t even recognise that we are under stress. We all sometimes use the term casually such as talking about somebody saying “they look stressed out” but what is stress and how can we recognise it? A psycho-medical...

Jan 31

What is the “Fight or Flight” Response?

A commonly heard phrase within the martial arts relates to the “fight or flight” response. Let’s examine here what that means. Survival Virtually all animals have, as their most powerful instinct, the need to survive. Whether we like it or...