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Mar 15

Are You Being Bullied?

What does the term “bullying” mean to you? Does it bring to mind kids beating each other up in school?  Perhaps a child in your local playgroup is aggressive towards all the others? Well, it may surprise you to know...

Dec 20

Goal Setting and Meetings

  We help develop people’s goal setting techniques and are not just about martial arts classes. We’ve blogged on this general subject before and it’s a HUGE domain we just can’t do justice to in a blog. However, we thought...

Dec 12

Persuasive Speaking – The Role of the Eyes

Here at Waima, we run training that’s aimed at improving your self-confidence and your powers of persuasion through conviction speaking. This is a rich seam of knowledge and techniques we’d like to share with you. There’s just far too much...

Nov 8

Top Tips for Avoiding Trouble at the Outset

  We’ve said before that one of the major objectives of our martial arts class is how to avoid trouble. Broadly speaking, it’s necessary to: spot the warning signs; call for professional help if feasible; leave the vicinity; if it’s...

Oct 9

Why Are Martial Arts Films So Popular?

  We’ve blogged before and mentioned a slight irritation about some aspects of the portrayal of the martial arts on TV and in the movies. Specifically the way that some movies or shows suggest, not very subtly, that practitioners only...

Sep 27

Where do the Martial Arts Come From?

  This is one of the commonest questions we encounter and I’d like to share what might look like a very vague answer! A misty background history – Europe We sometimes hear statements such as “the Japanese invented martial arts”...

Aug 30
Punch Armadillo Safety Gloves

Tips for Motivational Speaking

  We are not just about specific martial arts training. One of our specialist areas involves helping people develop the techniques required for motivational speaking – notably including the self-confidence that requires. This is a big subject and needs tuition....

Jul 24

Myth Busting – The Martial Arts and Violence

One of the things that saddens professionals and expert practitioners within the martial arts domain is the misconception that these ancient disciplines are somehow about “violence”. This comes about due to the utter nonsense perpetrated in some sections of the...

Jul 4

Are Leaders Born or Made?

  This is a great and traditional debating point and we’ll offer our view here – which is that it’s both. Birth The Nature versus Nurture debate has raged in various forms for millennia. As our knowledge of genetics has...