Muay Thai Counter Techniques

Dai Sempai Andrew and Instructor Luke will take you to a four-week course on simple yet effective Muay Thai grappling techniques. Last week, they demonstrated the top lock technique. Today, they will show you how to defend yourself against someone who’s doing a strong bridge. Check out the video to see the correct demonstration.


Hey team! Welcome back for another edition of Dai Sempai Andrew’s Muay Thai Grappling Tips. Today, as promised, we’re gonna start to look at how to defend against someone when they’re working that strong bridge.

Remember last week we talked about the principles and the good key points to having a good top lock; hand on the crown, hand on the wrist, elbows in nice and tight. From here, Luke’s defense that he wants to work is bridging over the top with one hand to start with, pushing my chin to the side, and if he starts to bring that other hand in I’m gonna use that to my advantage. Taking one hand away, I’m gonna tap on his elbow and slip my head around and underneath his shoulder. You see this hand hasn’t moved too far. I want to keep the cutting edge of my wrist across his neck and really bury my shoulder high and head in nice and tight to lock his arm. My other hand will come in and I’m going to clasp on.

Remember in Muay Thai, you’d be wearing gloves, so keeping those hands and keeping those thumbs out of it is a real important thing. Locking on, shoulder nice and high, and I’m pretty much square to the corner of his body. From here, I’ve got some really good knees, which is gonna be hard for him to protect against so that I can wind up and start to deliver into the back and I can really work some strong turns, bringing him down low and start to drive those knees up the center.

So one more time, let me get Luke back on this side, nice strong top lock position, shoulders are nice and high. He works that bridge, two hands into play. I’m gonna take that hand away, tap on the elbow, and duck the head around. Keep the cutting edge of the forearm across the neck, shoulder and head nice and high. I really want to pin his own arm against his head. Walk him nice and tight; you see I’m burying my head in so I limit that room for escape, and I can start to really wind those knees up towards the back. Excellent.

Well thanks for watching today. Next week, stay tuned, we’ll show you how to defend if you’re the person with that arm locked up high as well. Thanks for checking it out.