Muay Thai Advanced Turning Techniques

Finally, we are now in the final instalment of Dai Sempai Andrew’s effective Muay Thai grappling techniques. In the last three videos, they demonstrated the top lock techniquehow to counter a strong bridge and how to defend an arm lock. And in this fourth and final video, they will teach you an advanced turning technique that can work greatly with a sweep takedown.


Welcome back team to the fourth and final installment of Dai Sempai Andrew’s Muay Thai Grappling Techniques. Today we’re gonna go through a bit of an advanced turning technique that can work really well with a sweep takedown as well. Remembering with Muay Thai that any sort of leg sweep coming from the back is illegal, but I could do any form of kick; shin to shin, ankle to ankle, to work on those sweeps and takedowns.

Today we’re gonna have a look at sort of our advanced grappling position by having a top lock and other hand on the inside grip; so your hand cupping the bicep and tricep there, just on the inside here. What I want to do is I’m gonna work on a normal turn by stepping nice and close to his body, tilting the head and using my elbow to really tilt his body. As I do this, I’m gonna use my rear leg to actually catch his back leg. So as he tries to step around I’m gonna catch that leg and it’s gonna bring him straight to the ground. So nice and slow step, as I turn I’m gonna use that rear leg to pretty much kick out towards his ankle and catch that foot, which will bring him straight to the floor.

One more time from the front so you guys can see. Coming through this way… sorry, this way, grabbing on nice top lock, arm on the tricep and bicep, step to the outside of the foot. I want to stay really close with my turns to the body so I’m not relying on strength but more just relying on body movement. As we go for the turn, I’m gonna kick this leg out to catch that foot and complete the turn through, bringing him straight towards the ground. Big points if I get a takedown in Muay Thai. It shows great control over your opponent and its gonna make him a little bit angry as well.

Thanks for checking out my videos guys. Check out the next coming months for some of our other instructors when they show you how to work on some of their expertise skills.