Online Learning Portal

Are you needing extra information to assist you with your training?

Have you ever struggled with training or your grading requirements?

Do you want to take your training to the next level?

Well WAIMA has been working behind the scenes for the past year to bring our members a world class online training system to give
you just that! We have created step by step videos and photos for you to train at home.

Learning Portal

  • What is it?

    24/7 online access to information, photos, and videos to assist you with your training. It will give you content you need when you need it for all your grading requirements.

  • How does it Work?

    As part of your membership you will receive a username and password to access the information (contact us to find
    out if you qualify)

  • What if I have Questions?

    Send us an email or log in and contact us through there. You will have access to all the instructors and WAIMA staff contact

  • Where is it?

    You can access it here from any internet enabled device – it’s easy to navigate and it looks great.