When you’re looking at Perth martial arts schools for your kid, you are shopping for his future. That’s because learning Zen Do Kai and Muay Thai is not just about acquiring self-defence skills—it’s also about learning focus, discipline, respect, and decision-making skill. Martial arts can also be a good way to introduce physical fitness into your kid’s life.

So it’s crucial to find the right martial arts school. Here are some guidelines that may help you make the most of your money and provide the most rewarding experience for your kids.

Take advantage of free introductory lessons.

One good way to find out if the school provides the best martial arts for kids—Perth parents may want to know—would be to take the free introductory lesson. Some schools provide first lessons for free as a way for parents to gauge its skills and techniques, and gain an advantage over other schools. You’ll be able to see how the instructors engage the students and how most classes are taught, without committing to one school just yet.

Evaluate the martial arts school as you would any school.

Scrutinise the teachers or instructors, the facilities, the safety guidelines, and the professionalism of the martial arts school. It needs to be clean and organised. It should have emergency exits and a sound security system. The overall attitude of the school should be positive and encouraging.

It may only be for a couple of hours, but you want to make sure you’re leaving your kid in good hands—and that you are dealing with a legitimate business that knows how to value its clients.

Know the class sizes and schedules.

Martial arts classes will vary. Some schools are comfortable putting a large number of kids together in one class. Meanwhile, other schools prefer small class sizes. The latter may be more beneficial as this indicates your kid gets the individual attention he may need.

As for the duration, consider whether it’s ideal to do the hour-long class or longer sessions for your kid. This is crucial if your kid has more than one after-school activity. You do not want to hurry through one class after another because it will stress out your kid. And the experience will no longer be appealing.

Ask about the focus of the classes.

Finally, ask what the martial arts instructor wants to emphasise with every class. Is it all about the techniques and nothing else? Does the instructor highlight the self-defence aspect of the ancient training? Or is there more focus toward developing the self-confidence of every student? What the martial arts school values will indicate whether your kid will learn a great deal more than Zen Do Kai and Muay Thai.