Wait for it…
You can exercise LESS and get the same results!

I’ll just wait till the deafening cheer stops…

If you are like me finding the 30 minutes a day for exercise  can be challenging at the best of times. Well,  now is some great news for you. Fortunately, modern exercise research shows that you can significantly reduce your workout time while reaping better health benefits, compared to a traditional cardio program.

The key is high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which also goes by other terms such as anaerobic, or turbulence training, which is the way I like to train for the very reasons I have mentioned above,  being time poor.

However, recent research throws yet another twist into the discussion about exercise intensity, time, and it’s flow on effects.

Danish researchers found that exercising for less amount of time (even without using high-intensity type training) still produced significant results. It showed using HIIT can give you better results in 40-60 minutes a week compared to 5 hours of conventional aerobics. The major surprise was that 30 minutes of exercise beat out 60 minutes of exercise at the same weekly frequency, in terms of weight loss!

Finding Your Goldilock’s Exercise Zone

The evidence suggests there may be a type of “Goldilock’s Zone” when it comes to exercise. “Just enough” exercise boosts your overall energy levels. “Too much” exercise seems to leave you exhausted to do much productive task after your workouts. It also leads to eating more and being relatively sedentary. In general it found that men and women who ranged from overweight to obeses who exercised at a moderate rate between 30 -45 in the morning had more energy and binged less during the day. The study found that men who worked out for 60 minutes per day shed 20% less weight than researchers would have thought (2kg), given there total energy expenditure. Those who worked out for only 30 minutes per day lost (3.5kg)  83% more than what researchers thought given the amount of calories they  burned for that period.

So like the breakfast cereal ad suggests, “not to heavy, not to light.  Make it JUST RIGHT!”

The secret is finding what is personally JUST RIGHT for your body type.