Women’s Self Defence Classes in Perth

WAIMA – The Top Choice Gym for Female Self-Defence Perth-wide

We want females across Australia to feel empowered to be able to protect themselves should the need ever arise. No female should ever live in fear of not being able to adequately defend themselves should they ever find themselves under physical attack.

Self-defence classes have proven extraordinarily in providing females with the tools to increase their safety and protect themselves in the event of a potential attack or assault. Self-defence does not have to come down to a matter of strength and this is what our self-defence classes ultimately aim to teach you. Self-defence requires quick reactions and swift movements.

At WA Institute of Martial Arts, we offer several different types of martial arts classes where females can build the confidence and skills to know they can protect themselves in ever under attack. Not only will you walk away with the confidence to protect yourself, but you will also be enjoying a great workout that boosts your stamina and endurance and provides an ample opportunity to meet and mix with other people.

A Great Range of Women’s Self-Defence Classes

If you are searching for the best women’s self-defence classes Perth wide, you have come to the right place. Whether you are a complete beginner, have dipped your toe in the world of defence or are quite advanced, there is a place for you to advance your skills at WAIMA.

Our experienced team of trainers offer several different styles of martial arts classes including freestyle MMA, Muay Thai kickboxing and Krav Maga, each of which can greatly empower you with strong self-defence skills.

Freestyle MMA classes

Make a positive change in your life, get in shape, and learn how to defend yourself from the evils of the world with our freestyle MMA classes. Incorporating a variety of martial arts styles, you will be guided by an experienced instructor to maximize your workout and ensure you take away a great level of knowledge from every class.

Muay Thai kickboxing

Muay Thai teaches you how to stand and fight and is considered one of the most effective striking arts in the world. It has been used for self-defence reasons for hundreds of years, even in army combat. You will learn how to use all the weapons of the human body - the knees, elbows, shins, and hands – to effectively defend yourself.

Krav Maga

One of the most popular used martial arts for self-defence is Krav Maga. Krav Maga draws on a range of martial arts techniques to teach people how to most simplistically disarm an attacker or opponent. The Krav Maga system emphasises functionality, simplicity and leverage rather than strength, teaching females how to get the upper hand if under stack from a bigger, stronger person.

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Start learning critical self-defence lessons today. We offer a free introductory lesson to all new members and with classes running 7 days a week, you can start to build your self-defence skills right away. Feel free to contact us online or call your local WAIMA gym in Greenwood, Currambine or Myaree to discuss the best self-defence class options to meet your needs and goals. We look forward to welcoming you to WAIMA.

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