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Muay Thai or Thai boxing as it’s also known, is the national sport of Thailand – and a sport that’s become widely adopted here in Australia too. In fact, it is one of the most widely practiced martial arts sports in the world. A form of martial arts that’s been around for hundreds of years, it incorporates all elements of exciting, making it an extremely exciting combat sport.

If you’re seeking to learn and develop skills in Muay Thai, you have come to the right place. Here at the WA Institute of Martial Arts, we are one of the most popular gyms for Muay Thai Perth wide. With a team of highly experienced trainers, we offer classes to suit all ages and abilities.

Learning Muay Thai techniques not only helps you to develop strong self-defence skills but offers lots of other benefits too. It’s a highly aerobic workout so can build your fitness and strength and burn significant calories in every session. Its values are rooted in developing self-discipline too and it works to strengthen not only your body but your mind and soul too.

Muay Thai Classes for Kids, Teens and Adults

Muay Thai is one of the simplest to learn as it has hundreds of different techniques. With our experienced team, we can enable you to go from absolute beginner to advanced – and even competing in Muay Thai competitions if you desire.

At WAIMA, we offer Muay Thai classes for kids, teens and adults. Here’s what you can expect from our each of our classes:

Muay Thai Classes For Kids

We offer special Muay Thai kickboxing classes for children aged 6-13. Children get an introduction to Muay Thai and can develop their skills to whatever level they want to, even competing if they have the appetite to. They will learn a mix of combat and self-defence techniques, improving their confidence while providing a fun way to get some exercise in and improve their fitness.

Muay Thai Classes for Teens

We also offer dedicated Muay Thai classes for teens aged 13-17. Muay Thai can provide the ideal sport for helping teenagers develop self-discipline providing them with an outlet to positively deal with issues in their life and manage stress. They can advance to compete if they want to, or just participate for fun, making friends and building bonds along the way.

Muay Thai Classes for Adults

Whether you have a background in Muay Thai or are completely new to the sport, our Muay Thai classes for adults can cater to your needs. Our experienced instructors will work to build your technique and skill no matter what your starting point. Muay Thai is a great way for adults to keep fit and get into great shape as well as to meet new people and make friends.

You can go as far as you want to with our Muay Thai training programs, even progressing to competing or certifications if you want to. Regardless Muay Thai is a great way to reduce stress and boost your health and well-being.

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