Martial Arts for Toddlers

Martial Arts for Toddlers in Perth

Martial arts for toddlers is a fun form of exercise to help keep them fit and active. Here at the WA Institute of Martial Arts (WAIMA), we have a safe facility for you and your family to come and learn everything from Karate to self-defence.

We don’t just teach people how to defend themselves. We’re also teaching people how to be more confident through learning valuable life skills and making sure that they maintain their fitness. We all know that exercise releases endorphins which make you feel good. We want to make sure every child of every age can come to a safe and fun space to exercise and learn something new.

We encourage everyone to bring a friend along with them, so they have someone to help them stay motivated and on track. Above all else, exercising with a friend or family member makes it more enjoyable.

What Martial Arts Classes are Available for Toddlers?

We run a Ninja Ru class which is one of the best programs around for introducing children of 3-4 years-old to martial arts. The aim of these classes is to be fun and help little ones to develop their coordination, motor skills, and balance. At this age, children are already rapidly developing these vital skills and we hope to further their development with martial arts.

Not only that but we also passively teach teamwork, concentration, respect, and listening skills as they will have to focus their attention and work alongside others during lessons. We understand that at this age, children learn through play and fun so all the games and drills we use in our children’s classes are exactly that.

If you have an active child, an action-packed, high-energy class on martial arts for toddlers could be just what they need to help them positively channel their energy. We love nothing more than seeing children developing their fitness from a young age and starting down the path to a healthy lifestyle.

After Ninja Ru, we offer freestyle martial arts classes for 5-13 year-olds so they can continue their development. Martial arts will teach your child how to defend themselves, but the more pressing concern is their confidence. A lack of confidence can lead to poor attitudes, bad grades, laziness, and much more. One of the biggest goals of all our classes is to instil confidence to help children in everyday life. 

If your child finds themself really enjoying martial arts, we also offer Muay Thai Kickboxing classes for 6-13-year-olds. This high-energy full-body workout is great for all-round fitness and boosting self-esteem.

Talk to us About Martial Arts for Toddlers

We have a class to suit any age and ability and all of our kid’s classes are designed to be fun and energetic. If you’re interested in signing your up for classes in martial arts for toddlers in Perth, you can call our team on 1300 WAIMA. You can also email if you have questions about the classes we offer.

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