Kickboxing in the Northern Suburbs

Do you fancy taking up a new sport or honing your skills? Or perhaps you are interested in getting your children into a sport they can take with them into adulthood? Kickboxing is a sport that brings many benefits, including improving your fitness.

At the WA Institute of Martial Arts, we have kickboxing classes near the northern suburbs for children and adults, so why not give it a try?

How Can Kickboxing Benefit You or Your Child?

Our kickboxing classes near the northern suburbs of Perth are a great way to get fit. Whether you are looking to improve your fitness, or ensure your child is getting enough exercise, kickboxing can do that for you.

Kickboxing is highly energetic and therefore you can expect to burn a lot of calories during the sessions, helping you or your child to be in the best shape possible.

What’s more, this sport is perfect for relieving any tension or anxiety that you may be feeling. Whether you are an adult with the stresses of life and work, or your child is feeling worried by academic pressures, kickboxing can bring welcome relief.

Learning a martial art can also help you to gain confidence, and this can be taken forward into everyday life. Along with this, your coordination, balance and motor skills are also focused on during kickboxing sessions.

Furthermore, martial arts teach you or your child self-defence skills, which could prove to be invaluable.

At WAIMA, we run Muay Thai kickboxing classes for children aged six to thirteen years of age. We also have classes for teenagers and adults. If children want to compete, they can do so, but there is never any pressure. We work within the parameters that your child is comfortable with, building up their confidence and skill.

Why Choose WAIMA for Kickboxing Classes?

If you are looking for kickboxing in Perth and you want classes conveniently located near the northern suburbs, look no further than WAIMA.

At WAIMA, all our instructors are fully qualified, accredited and experienced, so you or your child will be in the best hands.

All classes take place in our purpose-built facilities with no limits to how far your new skills will take you. Indeed, if you choose to, you can compete in ISKA Tournaments State with national and world categories.

We have classes at different times to suit your schedule, including weekends. We know that you and your children have incredibly busy lives and we aim to provide a varied timetable.

We’ve designed our curriculum to suit all learners. We know and understand that people learn at different rates, so we break things down into manageable chunks to allow all learners to get the best from their experience.

When you join WAIMA, you will also have access to our 24/7 Students Online Training Portal. Here, you can watch videos, access step-by-step guides, along with a lot more.

Contact us today to arrange your first session for you or your child.

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