Kickboxing in Perth

Classes for Kickboxing in Perth, Western Australia

Here at the WA Institute of Martial Arts (WAIMA), we don’t just teach kickboxing in Perth. We also teach people how to overcome their anxieties, help them to get fit and learn self-confidence. Our particular focus is on helping young adults to excel at school and build better relationships through the confidence that we help them achieve.

Insecurity, fear, laziness, and weight gain can all result from a lack of self-belief. Anyone of any age can suffer from one or all of these ailments and we want to help you overcome them together. You and your family should be able to tackle these challenges with self-assurance which is why our gyms are safe, family-friendly places.

We know that every person learns differently so we structure our curriculum to age and abilities, so everyone gets what they need and achieves their highest potential. We pay great attention to detail and this is what helps us see the best results in our students.

What Makes Kickboxing So Good for You?

Kickboxing is a high energy workout that targets muscle groups in the whole body, so you get a complete workout. It has also been shown to relieve stress because exercise releases endorphins which make you feel great!

Because of this release in endorphins, kickboxing will boost your mood and your confidence too. The effects of endorphins can last for several hours so you’ll find yourself feeling more positive after attending one of our Perth kickboxing classes.

Kickboxing can also help you to improve your coordination and posture. Because of the fast-paced nature of the sport, you’ll be forced to channel your focus, and this will make your reflexes and hand-eye coordination much better.

Did you know that kickboxing can burn as many as 800 calories an hour? Not only that, but you’ll also be toning your entire body in the process and boosting your metabolism. This high-power cardio sport is perfect for those who want to lose weight or simply get in shape.

If you’re bored with spending week after week on a treadmill, kickboxing can help you break out of that rut. It is the perfect cross-training workout and by adding some light weights to your wrists and ankles, you can increase the resistance for an even better workout.

Because kickboxing is such a high-energy workout, it will also help you to increase your energy levels. By elevating your heart rate and sweating out toxins, you’ll find yourself feeling more energetic when you kickbox regularly.

Talk to us About Kickboxing Classes

Our students have access to an online training portal so they can access training anywhere, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter what your schedule looks like, you’ll be able to fit in a workout to suit you.

Simply dial 1300 WAIMA and you’ll be put through to our customer service team who will be able to help you with your inquiry or make a class booking. You can also email us at if you have questions about our Perth kickboxing classes.

Visit our MMA gyms from anywhere around Perth! We have three convenient locations that cover the northern suburbs, including Joondalup to the southern suburbs including Fremantle.

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