You are given the opportunity to learn the most relevant sparring combinations, drills, counters, tactical strategies and philosophies from the best fighters and coaches worldwide. Hyper Fight Club is coming to WAIMA on the 17th of November. Listen as Shihan Graham and Dai Sempai Andrew explain the finer details of the event and why you NEED to be there! For more information or to register your name: Call us today on 9247 4800 or find us on Facebook at


Andrew: Hey, team..down here with Shihan Graham…getting really excited and ready for Roland Osborne coming to town. He’s coming on the 17th of November with some really exciting programs and seminars that he’s going be taking us through. Graham, can you tell us a bit about those?

Graham: We’ve got two sessions that are really designed…one for our juniors and when I say juniors, 10 years old up to about 15, and then we’ve got our senior program that’s 15 years old and above. Now, we’re going to be running these on a Thursday afternoon. It’s gonna go from 5:00 to 6:30, which is an hour and a half, and that’s mainly for the 10 to well, like I said, about the 15-year-old age group…really important that you book in, guys. There’s plenty of details around. Then we’ve got half an hour for photos, bits and pieces, and then obviously the senior session starts at 7:00pm right through until 8:30pm. But what is fight club? What’s Roland coming to town for? Andrew…

Andrew: Well, myself, Shihan Graham, Shihan Phil and even Sensei Briana, have been really working with Roland and a lot of elite martial arts athletes around the world to put together a really great program that basically encompasses many different fighting styles but really helps you hone in on that fighting side of things. Working on your agility, footwork and getting good strikes as well so it’s very exciting.

Graham: Because behind the actual combative skills is a lot of mindset and what not. So, again, fight for what you believe in, there’s that importance on being that role model for society. And, again, for you as an adult to…it’s a great way to…you know, in today’s society…to stand up for what you believe in. So, that’s sort of the Thursday session. For you guys who are listening in and watching on this who are the instructors who’ve done the senior leadership…well, those guys that maybe Sensei Briana may have contacted…we’ve got a Friday morning session from 9:30 a.m. right through to 2:30pm. It’s five hours worth of instructor certification so, if you’re interested…hunt down the instructors, find out…they’ll gladly let you know if you are invited to that. Again, it’s one of those…I wouldn’t say elitist things, but you have to have done the senior leadership or, if you are a junior, you have to speak to your instructors and check its okay for you to jump in with that because we want you to get the most from it. So, two really important days coming up. We’ve got the Thursday and the Friday. Andrew, what are the dates?

Andrew: So, you’ve got the 17th of November which is the Thursday for all the fight club sessions and then of course on the 18th for the Instructor Session but remember, places are limited. If you’re in black belt club you can come to the fight sessions for free. For those guys that aren’t, there’s a small fee for that one as well but very limited places, so I can’t urge you enough to get to reception and get your name down.

Graham: See you soon, team.