So, we’ve finally reached the last installment of our four-part Iron Horse Kata series. This final video shows how Sempai Terrence used the Iron Horse Kata Number 7 to defend himself when attacked by bad guys.

If you haven’t checked the last first, second, and third videos, check them here.


Sempai Terrence: Hey guys, Sempai Terrence again here for week four of our Iron Horse videos. You saw there, same as last week, when Justin came and attacked me, but this week, Mickey came in, he grabbed me from the front shirt grab. Iron Horse number 7, reaching over the top, around his neck, I gave him a couple of good hard knees, dropped back into my dragon stance. He came back in, and I finished him with a punch.

Just so you can see again. Grabbed on here, over the top, reaching around. From there, I throw my knee back first so I can pull his head down at the same time. Drive in my knee. I’m not going to be nice about this, I’m going to hit him a couple of times. One, two, three times, stepping back, pushing him away. Coming back in, I’m dropping a punch in his well. Cool.

That’s our last video for Iron Horse. Hope you all enjoyed our series. Keep an eye out for the future for the next set of blogs. Thanks, guys.