School Programs

The WA Institute of Martial Arts are community leaders in creating confidence for life in children and setting them up for success through teaching valuable life skills. Below are some ways we work with schools to enhance children’s learning experience and assist with fundraising events.

Scholarship Program

As part of our community involvement we provide a scholarship program to schools within our community to students who are struggling either academically or socially. Each Scholarship is to the value of approximately $2,500.

Bully Buster Workshops

We have worked closely with schools within our community offering workshops designed to equip children with the right preventative and conclusive tools on how to deal with the different levels of bullying.

Character Development Program

Our goal is to teach kids how to be fit in both body and mind through exercise and healthy lifestyle habits to develop into a confident and responsible adult.

Life Proof Your Child Program

Suitable for lower primary, we have trained 1,000’s of students to help become better communicators, more confident, be healthier and fitter in a fun and safe environment. Themes include dealing with conflict, situational awareness, emotional resilience and more. We also offer teacher training on this program which will include course literature.

Leadership Program

WAIMA have taught many students to become effective communicators and leaders in their society through our leadership program. The WAIMA leadership program is a world class teaching program that helps to develop communication skills, confidence, assertiveness, discipline, humility, kindness, and many other invaluable life skills and qualities.

Team Building Program

Our team building program promotes children to work together using different problem solving games, skills, and drills. They will get to know each other, build trust, learn to work together in a fun constructive way helping kids feel more connected.

Reality Based Self Defense Workshops

For school staff and open to parents. Participants will walk away learning some great techniques that could save their life all while getting a workout and having fun. With over 20 years in the business, we have taught SAS, the air hostesses and immigration department, real estate agencies etc on reality based self-defense skills.

Physical Education for Upper Schools

We take Phys Ed classes once a week per class during the term for both Senior and Primary students. Students will learn basic self-defense concepts and skills. Each week students will be demonstrated realistic scenarios and skills to handle each situation and will conclude with a graduation ceremony.

Leadership Course

This course is designed for the senior school students and covers assertiveness, communication skills, body language, proactive and problem solving skills, public speaking. There is a comprehensive syllabus and this is ideally covered over 4 to 6 weeks of a term. Perfectly suited to leavers.

Youth Education Program/Camp

Specifically for Years 11 and 12 this program or overnight camp includes realistic scenario training and social justice, respectful relationship building i.e. how to treat a girl, how to avoid negative stereotypes, how to work through issues and stress of entering adult hood, dealing with anxiety and failure, conflict resolution, emotional resilience and situational awareness. There will be fun team building exercises and personality questionnaires (6 hours at $150 per hour)

Teachers Team Building or Professional Development Day

Engaging team building day or during your Professional Development day, we cover the fundamentals of the Life Proof and Character Development courses and how you can teach and include that throughout the year during the HASS subject.

Motivational speaking and goal setting

Our motivational speeches are structured in a goal setting session, giving participants the right mindset to overcome any obstacle that is in the way of achieving a successful life.

Parent’s Martial Arts

After-school or after school drop off 10 week martial arts/self-defense program for parents and families. If run after school in conjunction with the kids after-school program, parents train while their kids train and graduate together at a wonderful joint ceremony. A discount of membership at WAIMA is also included.

Man Up

This Krav Maga type training for dads and their son’s years 10, 11, 12 shows how to “man up” by de-escalating a situation rather than conform to male stereotypes and use aggression. This is a course that promotes positive role models, responsibility for ones actions, respect and moral outlook.


Bootcamp sessions for sport events and carnivals and incorporates cross training cardio, strength, endurance and boxing exercises.

School Fetes and our Demonstration Team

Fete Stall

We entertain visitors at school fetes with our school fete display engaging visitors in activities and giving away prizes.

Demonstration Team

Our demonstration team is a group of our most skilled and motivated students that use their skills in a dynamic performance using self-defense and weapons choreographed to music in a captivating display.