In this video, Sempai Terrence from WAIMA Myaree and Instructor Jake from Greenwood will show you how to perform a correct push-up position. Last week we started the four-week challenge on how to improve your core strength with the all-plank challenge. In this second challenge they will tackle today is the push-up position.


Hi guys, it’s Sempai Terrence here joined by instructor Jake. What we’re going to do today is we’re gonna go through a little bit more of our fitness techniques for training at home. Also, we’re gonna do an update on our fitness challenge that I set you last week. I’m going to go through, now, how to do a correct push-up. Can I get instructor Jake down on the ground for me? And he’s going to be in a push-up position.

Once again, same as our bridge position that I explained last week, a very, very, nice straight back. And that bridge position has really increased our core over the challenge if you’re doing over the last week. When we do our push-up, again, nice straight back. He’s gonna bend down. His elbows are in nice and tight focusing through his triceps, forearms, core, and chest, and now he’s gonna come up.

What I don’t want you to do. Stay up next to me, Jake. Is go too wide. So if instructor Jake pushes out, and his hands are out nice and wide, and he’s doing a nice deep push-up, there’s not a problem with this push-up, okay? But he’s gonna come up now, but in martial arts, we do not punch out here. If I’m punching, generating power, nice and easy, or nice and straight, I keep my push-ups in a nice and simple manner. So if I’m punching, it’s very, very similar to my push-up position. Thanks, Jake.

Next, we’re going to go through our sit up position. So Jake’s going to be on the ground for our sit up. He’s going to do his sit up keeping his feet on the ground. Now if you’re having a bit of trouble at home keeping your feet on the ground, slide them underneath the couch. He’s gonna do a sit up. But what he’s not going to do, is that he’s not gonna come all the way up because if he does come all the way up, he’s just sitting, okay?

So what I want you to do is make sure you come about 30 degrees off being top, and then he’s going to go back down. He’s going to pop out a couple sit ups for me, just coming all the way up, trying to keep his feet on the ground there, doing a great job. See how he’s not coming all the way up? Fantastic job. Thanks, Jake.

Remember, I’ve got that four-week challenge for you, that bridging position. This week you should be pushing it out a little bit further. I want you to post your results in the comments section below. And we’ll see you next week in our next video. Thanks, guys.