In the last three videos,  Sempai Terrence and Instructor Jake tackled and demonstrated the Bridge All-Plank Challenge, Pushup Challenge and 100 Pushups Challenge. And today, the final video, they will recap the benefits of these effective ways to improve your core strength.


Hi guys, Sempai Terrence here for the last week of our four-week challenge, and also joining me today is Sempai…sorry, instructor Jake. I almost promoted him there.

What we’re going to do today is we’re going to recap what we’ve been doing over the last four weeks. So by now, you should be feeling pretty fit. You’ve done your bridging challenge. You’ve done your at home workouts, and also you’ve been doing your office challenge – well, I hope you’ve been doing your office challenge.

So what we’re going to do is recap; what are the benefits of what you’ve been doing over the last month? You’re going to be coming into class feeling that little bit better, feeling better in yourself, but also, seeing that you become a motivator at work. Hopefully, the people at work are being motivated by that.

For myself and when I do this sort of thing, I feel better when I start training. So, as you’re coming into class, you’re already pumped up, you’re ready to go, and you’re feeling fit. Yes, you’ll always leave class feeling tired, that’s what we’re here to do; but hopefully, with all these challenges and stuff that I’ve sent you over the last four weeks, that you’re going to be building up your strength bit by bit.

Here’s the key, guys. We’ve finished the challenge; does that mean we’ve finished altogether then? No, we don’t. You might not have to do it every day, but I still want you to maintain doing all those fitness things in the home, especially the bridging challenge. Keep up that push-up at work; make it 15 every hour if you can, see how we go.

Great. Remember to post your comments in the section below, and we’ll see you next time in our next WAIMA blog. Thank you, guys.