IDS Krav Maga for Adults

The International Defensive Solutions (IDS) Directors and instructors have been operating in the martial arts industry for over 20 years. IDS was created as a sub-branch of the WA Institute of Martial Arts (WAIMA) to offer a more specific and tailored brand of close quarter fighting (CQF) for Airlines, Security Echelons, Law Enforcement and Military CQF.WAIMA is one of Australia’s biggest martial arts schools, with training centres located in Greenwood, Currambine And Myaree. Focusing on the following styles:

Our instructor profile includes law enforcement tactical operations personnel, professional Thai Boxing/Mixed Martial Arts fighters and instructors with extensive experience instructing in both the government and the corporate sectors. Within all our training modules, our training methodology remains the same. Our objective is to provide a diverse range of effective techniques that can be easily absorbed, easily retained and quickly implemented into an individual’s duties and personal life. Within this program we will teach a wide range of techniques from various martial arts styles while maintaining a strong balance with valuable life skills.

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