Ever felt light headed during your martial arts training class? Chances are that you maybe be experiencing the first signs of dehydration. Here at WAIMA we are well aware that it is very hot during the summer months so we encourage you to often take a drink.  That being said hydration starts along time before class time does.  Here are some very simple tips to help you remain hydrated and perform at your best in each and every class.

1. Check the weather.  If you know you are going to train see if it is going to be hot the day before.

2. Start early.  Drink a glass of cold water as soon as you get up.  This will start your hydration but also kick start your metabolism for the day.  For the rest of the day make sure you drink at least 1 litre of was for every 30 kilos through out the day.

3. 1 hour before class drink a glass of water the ensure you don’t start behind the eight ball.

4. Have a bottle of water handy at all times during class.

5. Stay away fro sugary drinks after class.  Classic soft drinks do not quench thirst.  They trick the brain.

Good luck, drink heaps of water and we’ll see you on the mats.