In any self-defence situation, your goal is not to hurt or kill your attacker.  It is to escape a dangerous confrontation and stay alive. But if this isn’t possible, be prepared to fight.

In this video, International Defensive Solutions and WAIMA founders, Renshi Phil and Shihan Graham, show a fundamental technique on how to protect yourself against an attacker who is equipped with a firearm.

Watch the video above to see this technique in motion.


Phil: Good day. Phil Britten here.

Graham: I’m Graham McDonnell, and we’re the founders and directors of the International Defensive Solutions here at WAIMA. Today we’re going to go through a topic, which is kind of a touchy topic. Something that we’re going to discuss today is defense against a pistol or a firearm. Now ultimately it’s the very last thing I would ever want to have to do. We tell our students, we talk to our guys about the possibilities and the probabilities. And fingers crossed, we never ever, ever have to face a situation where you’re put under stress and pressure with a firearm being used.

But what better way to have something in the toolbox in the event that something does occur. And again the way I would explain to people is we all know first aid or most of us do, but we hope that we never ever, ever have to use it. But why do we train in that way? Just in case.

And again the same with this here, we want to make sure we’ve got the tools if we find ourselves in danger and we don’t have any other options. So from this position today, Phil’s going to be the one with the pistol. And again we’re looking at robberies, carjacking and things like that. I’m the first to say if there’s an option to give what you need to save yourself, do so. But if there’s no other option and they’re saying like…for example, ladies, you’re in a situation where the pistol is against you and they’re telling you to get into a car. You’re putting yourself on the worst space. So what do I do from here? And again, guys, the what-ifs, they’re out there. There’s thousands of them, but let’s just focus on the technique rather than the situation at hand.

So from here, the first thing I need to do is make sure that I’m playing the game. I need to protect myself obviously, but I need to make sure that my movements are smaller so the person here doesn’t suspect. Notice my hands almost like a V-shape here up close, too, in a panic sense. You’ll notice, too, that I’m trying to emotionally in my face look quite stressed, and I guarantee you will be if someone is doing this to you. But the most important thing is level change, and when I do go for this movement, I’m straight up.

Now there are a couple of mechanics to go with this. So we’ll do it slowly, and then we’ll show you obviously as a normal pace. Again from here, I’m up. From the arm, I’m going to roll this forward almost like an oval shape and pull down to my hip. Now ultimately the person had a firearm, I need to get away from here quickly. So again striking using that to be able to create some space is what we’re looking for.

So again slowly. My partner’s here. Again you need to look rather panicked and fragile. Hands are up. I’m going to go straight up first looking down. The reason for looking down for whatever reason if it has gone off, the muzzle flash and obviously the flash is not going to affect me too much. I’m going to roll this forward, which breaks that grip. And again I’m going to pull back using my body weight quite quickly to my hip. From there, obviously I need to make sure they’re not going to come back for me so I’m striking forward to make sure that that threat or that person is obviously disabled and then get the help that you need. Obviously call the authorities and go through that.

We’ll go through it slowly again from there. In this situation, here, and I’m going straight through. So again we’ve done at a quicker pace. When confident, it’s rather effective, but we can’t wait to show you some of the drills and scenarios just to give you some tools and tidbits if ever you face yourself in a stressful situation with a firearm involved. Talk to you soon, guys. I can’t wait to see you in class.