Shihan Graham questions how society is educating and grooming the youth coming through to be able to deal with the ever-changing world, the information that is at their fingertips, and how to deal with overcoming failures or not quite the results that they were looking for.

[TRANSCRIPTION] Good day, guys. It’s Shihan Graham here. And today, I’ve got a quote I’m going to share with you, but I’m also going do this in a way that I’d love to hear your opinion and some sort of feedback. It’s a great quote that I always live by, and it goes like this, “Anything in this life worth having is hard to get, therefore you have to fight for it.”

Now my personal observations as a Martial Arts instructor and a Dad, the world is changing, and I’m sure that you’re well aware of that, but I believe that kids nowadays and young people are very quickly getting things without having to try hard for it. For example, a participation award for simply just turning up, rather than working hard for it. When I was growing up, I’m sure you guys can appreciate this, there was always that distinction between a winner and someone who might have come second or third and whatnot. Now, the participation award is something I find very challenging nowadays, because failure in kids getting into the adulthood or into their later teen years is sometimes a real challenge with that. Where they’ve never had to face that through their journey as a youth.

So at Martial Arts here, you’ll notice that we don’t hesitate on holding a student back. We’ll do everything we possibly can to pass him and communicate the areas of improvement, but I’m simply not just going to just pass somebody or give them that free pass or that belt simply because they turned up.

So my question to you guys is what strategies have you used on maybe your own family, maybe sometimes in your own work day or work life that has helped you work through and accomplish and actually bounce back from that failure or that result that wasn’t ideal? Again, what have you done or had done to you that helped you overcome some of these challenges? Because again, I can give you some of my insights, but it’s also really important that we share and educate the youth coming through and hopefully groom them to be able to deal with the ever-changing world, the information that is at their fingertips, but also to how to deal with sometimes failure or rejection or again not quite the results that we’re looking for.

So team, this is very much going to be a couple of parts, I’m sure, but I really want to see your feedback, get some questions thrown towards me, and you can share some stories about how you’ve overcome some adversity, because at the end of the day, if you want to accomplish something, you have to work hard for it. There’s no easy road to the top and success. And that is something that is prevalent and really in everyday classes here at WAIMA, but also too that transfers into everyday life.

So again team, that quote, “Anything in this world worth having is hard to get, and you have to fight for it.” Fight for that legacy, fight for what you believe in, not just turn up and get it. So that’s me signing off this time. I wanna see you guys answer and I can’t wait to share with you some of these strategies on how we can overcome these challenges as well, too. Take care.

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